GU Domain of One's Own



Welcome to Georgetown’s Domain of One’s Own

Georgetown Domains offer personal domain names and web space to the Georgetown Community, encouraging the creation, development, and ownership of digital identities. Members of the Georgetown community will have access to tools and support to create and maintain websites and control their online identities. Please be familiar with Georgetown University’s Acceptable Use Policy.

A Name for Yourself

With Domain of One’s Own, everyone at Georgetown will be able to register a custom subdomain name that is distinctly their own. You will no longer struggle to remember a lengthy or confusing URL. Take this opportunity to learn basic web hosting skills at no cost. Domain can be your jumping-off point for permanent ownership of your online presence.

Create Blogs & ePortfolios

Use WordPress, the most popular web publishing platform, to create a beautiful website, a personal ePortfolio, or a blog. WordPress provides thousands of options, and valuable web design skills you will apply beyond Georgetown. You will learn basic web literacy, even if you don’t see yourself as technologically inclined. And if you are a technophile, you’ll be pleased with the flexibility of Georgetown Domain.

Reclaim: Your Digital Identity

The Georgetown Domains program provides professors and students the tools they need to have a presence on the web and to take control of their digital identity. Georgetown students and faculty are given one free domain name to construct and use in their own manner, with tutorials and documentation to help them along the way.

Featured Sites on Georgetown Domains

Create a digital presence and creative portfolio on your domain and have access to tools like: